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searching for images

So here we are, for all of you english spoken friends and followers that were demanding it, this is the first entry at the blog in plain english !!

Many times we have downloaded images from the net, after searching for them via Google. You search for "Ganymede"  and there you are. But what if in reverse you have or find a picture and you would like to know the source or where about  it came from?

Image source ArtStation - Author Oliver Wetter
Well, the good news are that Google itself  has a way to do the task. 
Go to "Google Image Search" and do one of these things:

  1.  Drag and drop an image from your computer or from the web into the search box, or click the ‘Upload an Image’ button and select an image on your computer to upload.
  2.  Paste the image URL/address.
And voilá, all you wanted to know about a picture is there, in front of your nose!!
Source: GeekGirls.com

                             Home work: search where or when by who is this pic!!