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Drum and Bass Goosebumps

                                             Chillout "Drum and Bass" Mix by DEV

Born in 1991 in the UK, drum and bass (also written as "drum 'n' bass" or "drum & bass"; commonly abbreviated as "D&B", "DnB" or "D'n'B") first known as "hardcore".Tthis sound was pioneered by the likes of DJ Hype and others. Soon DJs and artists were creating more complicated breakbeats and the jungle scene was born.

 Is a genre and branch of electronic music which emerged from rave and jungle scenes in Britain during the early 1990s.[3] The style is often characterised by fast breakbeats (typically 160–180 beats per minute[4]) with heavy bass and sub-bass lines,[5] sampled sources, and synthesizers. ...

Source N now more: GlobaldarknessWikipedia  · Nowadays a great DnB DJ is Marc Soul

are you ready for this

                        It's always nice to remember

take the weather with you

As a weather enthusiast, I've always been interested in the forecast and amused by the changes at the atmosphere. Clouds and their shape, rain, wind.. and so on.
A year ago I installed a personal weather station at roof level connected by internet to "weather underground", so under its app, I can check my station all over the World and see the current conditions for the local area.

Image by EliasSch
Welcome to my Froggit HP1000  PWS (personal weather station)