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Transmitting Barefoot

 In the ham radio operator's jargon "barefoot" means transmitting without the aid of a linear amplifier and just the output power of the transceiver. #HamRadioJargon

In Ham-speak, the word “barefoot” has nothing to do with going shoeless in the shack. It means transmitting without the aid of an amplifier. When the topic of amps versus no amps is brought up, operators often divide themselves into opposing camps: those who amp up to help them bust through the  pileups and those who go barefoot, hoping to get lucky when faced with louder signals or eventually get called through perseverance and use of a solid rig and multi-element Yagi .

SOURCE:On All Bands

Image credit to Shai Daniel @ ArtStation
Most HF transceivers do have an output power of say 100 watts!!

 For myself it's an XpeciaL challenge to transmit barefoot with my MLA antenna (Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop) and my Icom 7300 and make a DX thru the pileup.

Ionosphere And The Magic Of Radio

 Once the radio waves go out of a radio transceiver, they can go a short way to a home nearby or a hundred miles apart, or due to radio propagation they can travel around the globe, but how can this be, if the globe is round and waves would be lost further the horizon.

Image source iStock via blog Lenovo
 Well radio waves journey can go straight up to the atmosphere and there meet the beauty of one of her layers, the ionosphere, who acts as a mirror due to the ions provided by the sun, kiss her goodbye and come back to earth a thousand miles apart from their origin.

Learn more: The Effects of Earth's Upper Atmosphere on Radio Signals

my grandmother was a chimpanzee

I'm not talking about my mother's mother.
   Like it or not, we are members of a large and particularly noisy family called the great apes. Our closest living relatives include chimpanzees, gorillas and orang-utans. The chimpanzees are the closest. Just 6 million years ago, a single female ape had two daughters. One became the ancestor of all chimpanzees, the other is our own grandmother !!
Source: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

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Or do you still believe in Adam & Eve?

slash or stroke good to know

Yo ham radio operators and SWL enthusiasts out there.
 When transmitting in a visited country the licence holder must use his national call sign preceded by the call sign prefix of the visited country. The call sign prefix and the national call sign must be separated by the character "/" in CW or the word "stroke" (phone).

    So if I (EA6VY) was visitting Australia, my callsign would be VK/EA6VY (Victor Kilo "Stroke" Echo Alfa 6 Victor Yankee)!!
Image via ArtStation by Vuk Banovic
For a mobile amateur radio station the national call sign must be followed by the characters
"/M" (telegraphy) or the word "mobile" (telephony). For a portable amateur radio station the national call sign must be followed by the characters "/P" (telegraphy) or the word "portable" (telephony)." 

Source: Elecraft Ham